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-Absolutely love our Play-A-Bulls Bullie, KO!!! The puppies are very well cared for and raised with lots of love and attention. They are happy, healthy puppies with wonderful dispositions. Much time is spent with the puppies, potty and crate training were started and a breeze to continue, thanks to the hands on time Jennifer spends with the puppies. I highly recommend a Play-A-Bull puppy to anyone looking for a bullie of their own. I know I can’t wait for a second one                                                                       - Linda Robertson Collins
-Buying Murphy was the greatest experience, he is the sweetest and has the best personality! I’m very greatful to Jennifer and her expertise for bringing Murphy into my life! -Paige Christophel
-A bulldog is the perfect pet for someone who wants a very fun but low maintenance family member. Lulu is so kind to everyone. She is calm, does not jump or bark wildly, perfect for families with children or also elderly people who do not want high energy in the house. She is super smart and always respectful. Had I not owned one myself I would never have known what great companions they are. I suspect we will always have a bully as part of our family. We absolutely adore Lulu! I bought Lulu at only 18 hours old and it was the longest 8 weeks ever to finally meet her in person! But Jennifer was wonderful in giving me picture and video updates every couple of days to watch her grow. Her hands on expertise and love for the puppies was incredible and showed in little Lulu’s attitude right away. It was a great experience, fun, easy, and well managed in the care,  purchase transaction, and thoughfulness in every aspect! -Jay Kleiber
-I love our Bully! I have never met a more love-a-bull, energetic, and more laugh-a-bull dog. Nothing beats the attitude of our Play-A-Bull bully. -Jackie McGeary
-Love-a-bull, laugh-a-bull, sleep-a-bull, rough house-a-bull, protect-a-bull, run-a-bull, swim-a-bull, car ride-a-bull, tug-a-war-a-bull...Play-A-Bull... Enough said! -Caleb Stevenson
Where do I even begin… First off what an amazing dog I have!  I cannot get over how often complete strangers stop me and ask all about Walter.  He is so handsome, correct confirmation, and by far the best temperament I have ever seen in an animal.  I have worked with animals my entire life from dogs to training horses- hands down the easiest animal I have trained to date.  I owe this to Jen.  I believe Jen takes the time to socialize with these puppies from day one.  You can tell they are a part of the family and a good foundation is instilled early making the continued training a breeze.  Walter literally had one, yes, just one accident in the house as a puppy!  He is amazing with strangers, kids, other animals, horses etc.  I honestly cannot say enough good things about my dog.  He steals the hearts  of everyone that meets him.  Jen makes the entire process simple from payment, to transportation – I’m in New Hampshire! Jen was always easy to contact as I reached out numerous times to ensure I was being a good father as this was my first bully.  She was a true pleasure to work with and a person I would highly recommend to anyone looking for a bully.  Looking forward to adding another bully to  my family one day soon and you can be assured I will be contacting Jen first thing.  Thank you Jen, for the continuous joy and happiness Walter brings to my family, especially my dad.  Those two are two pea’s in a pod. -Jason Lamprey  & Walter *Funny story about how this pup got the name Hooter! When rushing to the clinic to have the C-section done Maybel had Hooter natural! With Bullies their body temp can not drop a singel degree when born or death can occur. The person driving pulled over and without hesitation, thinking faster than I would have, she scooped up the pup and shoved him in her bra and under her ya knows.....and so Hooter was born!
One snuggle and Russell stole my heart!  I had been planning on getting a puppy but had never even considered a bulldog.. then I met Russell.  He is such a lazy, goofy, affectionate little ham!  His personality is just so wonderful!  He was the star pupil in his puppy obedience class and is well on his way to learning to skateboard.  He is fabulous with kids, other dogs, strangers, etc.  He even comes to work with me and has made himself the 'office mascot!'  I am officially a bulldog fan for life!! Best dog ever!!! -Roxy Rogers
Past Puppies and Testimonials